Journal Teknos (Technology and Science Journal) mainly focuses on publishing the fundamentals and applications research in the area of Industrial Technology. Research scopes are in the field of control automation and robotic, electrical power and energy, manufacturing process, mechanical design and construction, material, thermodynamic, fluid mechanic, nanotechnology, chemical reaction, transport phenomena, production planning and inventory control, supply chains, quality control, ergonomic and human factor engineering, industrial management, manufacturing system and facility design, information system, computer system, computer network, internet of things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Economic and environmental issues in industrial activity are also available in this journal.

Jurnal Rekayasa is an open-access journal focusing on the scientific work of lecturers/academics, practitioners, and professionals to the study of civil engineering, architecture, quantity surveying, urban, and regional planning issues. This journal discusses issues relating to sustainability in the economic, social, environmental, and institutional dimensions of urban development and planning in Indonesia and throughout the world.

Jurnal Rekayasa (P-ISSN1412-0151, E-ISSN2622-9455 ) is published two times per year in June and December by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Bung Hatta University and peer-reviewed that publishes either original article or reviews. In addition, Jurnal Rekayasa provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. All articles are downloadable for free-of-charge. For the completion of the journal publication process, all manuscripts should be submitted by Online Submission.